My goal as a teacher is to invite students into the practice of philosophy in a way that makes this type of systematic reflection relevant to students’ lives. To do so, I strive to meet two objectives in each course. First, I encourage students to consider how the questions we study connect to issues that matter to them beyond the classroom. I encourage students to apply the theories we study to real world problems and to critically examine their own considered judgments in light of each philosopher’s argument. Second, my courses are designed to cultivate students’ critical thinking skills. I incorporate writing workshops, close reading exercises, and structured discussions of the texts into each course. In discussions, I encourage students to engage the points their classmates raise and to situate their own position in response to both their peers and the texts we are studying. Learning how to charitably interpret and respond to a diverse range of positions is one of the most important skills I hope students can take out of my classroom and into their broader lives.

In addition to teaching my own classes, I am lead ethicists for Ethics Lab’s outreach efforts to introduce curricular innovation supporting high-impact ethics education across Georgetown. We design creative ways to infusing ethical reflection into courses in fields like government, natural and social sciences, business, and technology, that generally may not incorporate explicit discussions of ethical issues through the use of creative exercises. The initiative brings together faculty in ethics with faculty in other disciplines across the university to co-design creative exercises that draw out the ethical issues embedded in their disciplines in ways that are fully integrated within the learning goals of the existing course.

You can see more details on my work with Georgetown's Ethics Lab here. Please see the following links for a list of courses I have taught and a brochure I designed with my colleague, Michael Hannon, to recruit undergrad philosophy majors and minors at Fordham.