I am Senior Ethicist at Georgetown University’s Ethics Lab, a program of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. I lead Ethics Lab’s efforts to introduce curricular innovation supporting high-impact ethics education across Georgetown. Ethics Lab is an innovation center working to develop creative pathways for moral education by merging robust ethical theory with creative exercises adapted from the world of design. Ethics Lab's approach encourages students to discern the fundamental moral values at stake in contemporary issues; think creatively about how to approach complex problems; and cultivate responsible agency as they work to envision possibilities for real change. You can check out details of this work here

I specialize in Political Philosophy and Ethics. My research investigates conflicts that arise from deep disagreements about the role of moral values in political life, as well as the ethics of digital technologies. My articles have appeared in The Journal of Political Philosophy, Law and Philosophy (forthcoming), IEEE: Security & Privacy, and several edited collections. I am also the co-editor, with Larry May, of Jus Post Bellum and Transitional Justice (Cambridge University Press).

I received my PhD in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University under the supervision of Marilyn Friedman, Larry May, and Rob Talisse. Before coming to Georgetown, I was a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Fordham University in New York. 


Recent and Upcoming Talks:

The Normative Core of Digital Consent (NYC, 01/19; Cambridge, MA, 04/19; Porto, Portugal, 06/19)

The Burdens of Public Reason (Tuscon, AZ, 05/19)

Civic Disagreement & Epistemic Peers: Building Mutual Respect (Washington DC, 10/18; London 4/19; Vancouver 4/19)

Say it to my Facebook: [Un]reasonable disagreement in the age of social media (London, 06/18; Chicago, 10/18; Washington, DC 03/19)

An Ethics Baseline for American AI, panelist at POLITICO Live’s AI Summit: Innovation & Governance (Washington, DC, 09/18)

Integrating Ethics into STEM Classrooms, with August Gorman (NYC, 01/19 & Baltimore, 03/19)

Should Truth Play a Role in Public Reason? (Amsterdam, 06/18 & Manchester, UK, 09/18)

Analyzing the Legal Roots and Moral Core of Digital Consent (Washington DC, 09/18; Brussels, 01/18)

Reasonableness: A Moral Threshold of Respect (Bled, Slovenia, 06/18 & London, 09/18)

Design Tools for Creative Ethics Education, SXSW EDU (Austin, TX, 03/18), with the Ethics Lab Team