I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics (KIE). I work with the Ethics Lab team on ways to increase the real world impact of rigorous ethical thinking. We partner with stakeholders to investigate contemporary moral problems and experiment with innovative pedagogical approaches to create an engaged ethics education. I am leading the KIE's outreach efforts to introduce curricular innovation to support high-impact ethics education across Georgetown. You can check out details of this work here

I specialize in Political Philosophy, Ethics, and Feminist Philosophy. My articles have appeared in The Journal of Political Philosophy, Law and Philosophy (forthcoming), Family Medicine, and several edited collections. I am also the co-editor, with Larry May, of Jus Post Bellum and Transitional Justice (Cambridge University Press).

I received my PhD in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University under the supervision of Marilyn Friedman, Larry May, and Rob Talisse. Before coming to Georgetown, I was a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Fordham University in New York.